Generator System Design & Installation


Installing industrial generators for a commercial building or property is a way to ensure you are capable of running and managing any type of business regardless of power outages or surrounding weather at all times. When you are considering a new emergency power system for your hospital or commercial location, it is imperative to work with a professional company that understands the importance of generator system design. Before designing a new generator system for any commercial property (of any size), it is first essential to determine what type of codes and regulations are required and in place based on location and the type of building you are occupying. Designing a generator system requires more than simply selecting and installing a generator that works best for your power needs and requirements. Instead, power loads, outlets, and the overall impact of the system must first be analyzed and understood prior to moving forward with a working plan in place. Gate City Electric has more than 200 years of combined experience, allowing us to deliver only the best customer services and top-notch commercial electric products available on the market today. Gate City Electric services the industrial and commercial builders and contractors throughout both Northern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. With Gate City Electric, keep your mind at ease knowing your generator system has been professionally designed and thoroughly planned for maximum energy-efficiency and use.

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