Generator Installation


Using commercial generators is highly advisable whether you run a small local shop or if you manage a large corporate warehouse. With a commercial generator installed and in place, always keep the power on when running your business or providing products and services to your customers.  Generators allow you to keep your business up and running without losing information or important processing data, even in massive power outages and regardless of the size of your commercial space. When you are in need of a generator for your business, Gate City Electric has everything you need to get started.

Gate City Electric is an experienced Generac generator repair dealer and has the ability to provide the knowledge and insight necessary for business owners of any size who are in need of generators (regardless of your reason). Whether you wish to protect your commercial property from potential power outages or natural disasters and stormy weather, having a backup generator in place is essential to prevent losing potential power to your business and ultimately, revenue. Currently, Gate City Electric only provides generators and generator installation to commercial clients and properties, not residential clients or homes.

Are you a business owner in Southern New Hampshire or Northern Massachusetts in search of a professional electrical company that specializes in commercial generator installations? Gate City Electric has more than 100 years of combined experience and provides only the best Generac generators to keep your business up and running in even the toughest situations.  Contact us today for a quote and to learn more about the types of commercial generators and services we have available to fit your company’s needs.

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Are you looking to get started with a generator system that is custom-designed for your commercial building? Contact Gate City Electric to learn more about our industrial generators and how we can get started with a personalized solution for you today.